Optimal Wellness

Switch out a soda for a water. Diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as conditions such as obesity, are some of the leading causes of death in the nation today.  The irony of these conditions and diseases, that are killing our nation, are also some of the most preventable when nutrition, fitness and hormones are optimized. Dr. Eriksen gives breakthrough medical insight into the different stages of aging in the human body and how it is possible to actually stop these changes, reverse them while also avoiding diseases, conditions, and illnesses.

  • Weakening thyroid
  • Diminishing brain capacity
  • Increased heart rate
  • Weakening immune system
  • Depleting hormones
  • Decreasing bone density
  • Decreasing human growth hormone, muscle mass and strength
  • Loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin

Dr. Eriksen teaches steps to optimal wellness and invites you to subscribe to this lifestyle and discover your own science of nutrition, fitness, and balance.