Welcome to my passion...

Wellness and weight loss have been an interest of mine over the past 30 years since college. As I progressed through my medical training, my thirst for knowledge in nutrition increased as I became involved in fitness and bodybuilding. There were so many people committing un-healthy habits for a supposed healthy sport, I vowed to stay on my path for health and fitness using a nutritionally sound diet and healthy supplements.

I have now embraced all of my experiences and created this practice of wellness and weight loss so that everyone can attain the level of fitness and energy to allow them to live their life feeling good every day. This will include helping patients reach their weight loss goals by integrating treatments including adrenal fatigue, checking cortisol levels through saliva testing, using bio-identical hormones for balance, and nutritional support.

– Debra Eriksen, D.O.

Suncoast Wellness & Weight Loss

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